Welcome to Jjrs details. Bespoke mobile & unit based valeting & detailing

Regularly maintaining your vehicle is the key to holding its true potential value and remaining in top condition throughout. 

Let us come to you... Or you come to us.


Luxury car care.. on your driveway

Save time and hassle and let us come to you.. No need to worry about water or electricity we’ve got that covered on board, 

along with a extensive knowledge and sharp eye for detail -

 We offer a wide range of valeting & detailing packages to suit any vehicle, from a maintenance wash&wax then a maintenance valet service for inside and outside from £27 to You a paint enhancement detail from £195 and everything in between, paint enhancement brings back high levels of gloss and clarity removing light superficial swirls whilst maintaining razor sharp reflections...

Then if your looking for protection why not try one of our ceramic coating packages we use top shelf professional applications with high durability and long lasting protection to ensure your investment is secure against the day to day road elements. 

No need to travel as we come to you and pamper your vehicle from the comfort of your driveway/work space with our own electricity and water supply on board, 

why wait around in a car wash queue for a mediocre service and risk having damage and scratches applied to your vehicle? And then paying for the privilege.

We only use the best products, techniques and equipment to ensure that your car is in safe hands. 


Impeccable detail...

We specialise in paint enhancement details and ceramic coatings to add more clarity and depth to your paintwork Also providing long lasting durable protection against day to day road elements such as UV rays, iron fallout, tar, acid rain, salt, grit etc... anything to do with detailing auto detailing mobile detailing we’ve got it covered.


Car sale preparation detail

Thinking of selling your car? Why not increase value and chances of sale by having your car detailed. We take care of all the areas of the car and make sure your cars ready for the new owner. Also taking and sending some professional photos to upload  on your sale advert 

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JJRS Details Ltd

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We go above and beyond to ensure your vehicle is in the best condition Possible.. maintaining and protecting your vehicle is the key to holding its true potential value and ensures that your investment is appreciated and constantly in top condition.